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Visual Basic .NET Black Book

Author(s): Steven HolznerPublisher: Paraglyph PressYear: 2002ISBN: 1932111042Language: EnglishPages: 1184File type: CHMSize (for download): 7.1 MBVisual Basic .NET Black Book is a comprehensive reference and problem-solving guide for Visual Basic programmers. It covers Visual Basic.NET tips, examples, and how-tos on everything from programming to managing the development of Visual Basic applications. It provides in-depth material on the new object-oriented features of Visual Basic .NET. Readers will also learn about the crucial Visual Basic tool set in detail including the best Visual Basic programming practices, from design tools to interface design. Using the popular Black Book format, this book provides in-depth analyses of VB.NET technologies and hundreds of immediate programming solutions making it an invaluable resource.This book has been designed to give you the Visual Basic .NET coverage you just won’t find in any other book. Other books often omit not only the larger topics, like deploying your program after you’ve created it, but also the smaller ones like covering just about every Windows and Web control that comes with Visual Basic .NET in depth-from the text box control to three-state checkboxes, from datetime pickers to hot tracking tab controls, and from Web page validation controls to ad rotators. And the advanced topics are here too, like creating your own Windows and Web controls, writing Windows and Web services, distributed data applications, multithreading, deploying applications, and more.Steven Holzner is a former contributing editor for PC Magazine and has authored more than 60 books ranging in subject from assembly language to C++. His books have sold over a million copies and have been translated into 15 languages. Steven was on the faculty of Cornell University for 10 years, where he earned his Ph.D., and has also been on the faculty of his undergraduate school, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.TABLE OF CONTENT:Chapter 01 – Essential Visual BasicChapter 02 – The VB Language: Operators, Conditionals, and LoopsChapter 03 – The VB Language: Procedures, Scope, and Exception HandlingChapter 04 – Windows FormsChapter 05 – Windows Forms: Text Boxes, Rich Text Boxes, Labels, and Link LabelsChapter 06 – Windows Forms: Buttons, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Panels, and Group BoxesChapter 07 – Windows Forms: List Boxes, Checked List Boxes, Combo Boxes, and Picture BoxesChapter 08 – Windows Forms: Scroll Bars, Splitters, Track Bars, Pickers, Notify Icons, Tool Tips, and TimersChapter 09 – Windows Forms: Menus, Built-in Dialog Boxes, and PrintingChapter 10 – Windows Forms: Image Lists, Tree and List Views, Toolbars, Status and Progress Bars, and Tab ControlsChapter 11 – Object-Oriented ProgrammingChapter 12 – Object-Oriented InheritanceChapter 13 – Graphics and File HandlingChapter 14 – Web FormsChapter 15 – Web Forms: Buttons, Text Boxes, Labels, Literals, and Place HoldersChapter 16 – Web Forms: Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Tables, and PanelsChapter 17 – Images, Image Buttons, List Boxes, Drop-Down Lists, Hyperlinks, and Link ButtonsChapter 18 – Validation Controls, Calendars, and Ad RotatorsChapter 19 – Web Forms: HTML ControlsChapter 20 – Data Access with ADO.NETChapter 21 – Binding Controls to DatabasesChapter 22 – Handling Databases in CodeChapter 23 – Database Access in Web ApplicationsChapter 24 – Creating User Controls, Web User Controls, and MultithreadingChapter 25 – Creating Windows Services, Web Services, and Deploying Applications

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Beginning .NET Game Programming in VB .NET

Beginning .NET Game Programming in VB .NET
Beginning .NET Game Programming in VB .NET
By Ellen Hatton, Alexandre Santos Lobao, David Weller

* Publisher:   Apress
* Number Of Pages:   440
* Publication Date:   2004-09-20
* ISBN-10 / ASIN:   1590594010
* ISBN-13 / EAN:   9781590594018
* Binding:   Paperback


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Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step (with companion CD)

Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step (with companion CD)

Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step (with companion CD)
January 2008 – English – 346 Pages – PDF – 25.69 MB

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Visual Basic .NET Tips & Techniques

Visual Basic .NET Tips & Techniques
Visual Basic .NET Tips & Techniques
May 2002 – 708 Pages – PDF – 7.15 MB
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