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Paperback: 359 pages
Publisher: Sybex; 2 edition (April 14, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470226641
ISBN-13: 978-0470226643

Product Description
Influence search engine results and bring targeted traffic to your website in just an hour day with the second edition of this bestselling SEO guide, Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day. Drawing on years of experience as successful SEO consultants, Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin provide detailed, practical, and often surprisingly simple techniques for increasing your online visibitlity and delivering stellar results. Their easy-to-follow strategies include setting SEO goals, optimizing your site for, search engines, blogs and social media, developing and implementing a strategy including both free and paid efforts, and using the latest tools to monitor trends, measure the competition, and track your results. Bracing as a shot of espresso, Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day is your step-by-step guide to putting your website in the spotlight.

A Step-by-Step Guide
Back and bracing as ever, Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day, Second Edition offers brisk advice, bite-sized tasks, and smart tools to help you increase visibility for your website on the major search engines. In this new edition of their bestselling how-to guide, SEO consultants Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin offer surprisingly easy do-it-yourself techniques as well as the very latest SEO strategies for small, very small, and large businesses, as well as for bloggers and web designers.

*Cut through the trendy jargon to find the “Eternal Truths” of SEO
*Discover the right keywords using the latest research tools and your own gut check
*Get to know your stats and the free stat-collector, Google Analytics
*Optimize your site for search engines and your site visitors so you can be found, then make the sale
*Use the social web to help you reach your business goals, even if you’re not a social networking butterfly

You’ll also find:
*Essential hints, tips, and techniques for everyone from one-person shops to Fortune 500 companies
*Engaging right-brain vs. left-brain discussions about tackling key issues from two unique perspectives
*Real-world “From the Trenches” case studies that illustrate successes to learn from and mistakes to avoid


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Free Website Hosting

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Complete Book Of Intelligence Tests

Intelligence may be narrowly defined as the capacity to acquire knowledge and understanding, and use it in different novel situations.It is this ability, or capacity, which enables the individual to deal with real situations and profit intellectually from sensory experience. A test of intelligence is designed to formally study, under test conditions, the success of an individual in adapting to a specific situation. There are a number of different methods which purport to measure intelligence, the most famous of which is the IQ, or intelligence quotient test. In the formation of such tests many psychologists treat intelligence as a general ability operating as a common factor in a wide variety of aptitudes. Whilst many IQ tests measure a variety of different types of ability such as verbal, mathematical, spatial and reasoning skills, there is now a second school of thought in which it is believed that the earlier definitions of intelligence may be too simplistic. It is now becoming increasingly recognised that there are many different types of intelligence and that a high measured IQ, although desirable, is not the only key to success in life. Other characteristics, such as outstanding artistic, creative or practical prowess, especially if combined with personal characteristics such as ambition, good temperament and compassion, could result in an outstanding level of success despite a low measured IQ. It is because of this that in recent years CQ (creative quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient), to name just two examples, have come to be regarded as equally important as, or even more important than, IQ measurement.

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Barron’s How to prepare for the TOEFL IBT (11th edition)

English content:
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

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Answers to all TOEFL Essay Questions

ETS – TOEFL publishes its official list of TOEFL essay topics on its website. All essays assigned on the actual TOEFL test come from this list. This eBook has 320 sample essays with score of 6.0. Each essay was written on one of the topics from the ETS official list. The eBook covers 100% of these topics. Each ETS TOEFL writing topic has at least one sample answer of 6.0 score in this eBook.Students who take the Computer-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language must also compose a written essay that counts towards approximately 50% of their structure score. This book offers an intensive preparation for this part of the test.

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