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Cabling – The Complete Guide to Network Wiring, 3rd

Sybex; 3 edition ISBN: 0782143318 720 pages July 21, 2004 PDF 11 Mb

The physical linkages responsible for carrying a company’s data continue to be the most neglected components of the typical network—to the extent that nearly 700f all network-related problems result from poor cabling.In this third edition of a widely acclaimed resource, three networking experts share their extensive experience, teaching you the cabling skills you need to build a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective network cabling infrastructure. As you master these techniques, you’ll learn to avoid common pitfalls and troubleshoot problems as quickly as they arise. Coverage includes:* Choosing the right cables and components for your network architecture and topology* Avoiding unnecessary and unexpected costs* Understanding the current limitations of data communications and network cabling* Understanding how laws and building codes constrain cabling* Understanding the function and importance of universal cabling standards* Determining when you have a cabling-related network problem* Assembling a complete cabling toolkit* Integrating voice and data on the same cable system* Setting up an infrastructure in which desktops, printers, copiers, and other nodes share cabling* Understanding issues of bandwidth, impedance, resistance, attenuation, crosstalk, capacitance, propagation, delay, and delay skew* Working effectively with USB and Firewire* Knowing when to discard legacy cabling and begin anew* Documenting your cabling* Creating an RFP and selecting a vendor


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Cisco CCNA Portable Command Guide (2007)

Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: Cisco Press; 2 edition (July 18, 2007) Language: English
ISBN-10: 1587201933 ISBN-13: 978-1587201936


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TCP/IP SOCKETS IN C# : Practical Guide for Programmers

The popularity of the C# language and the .NET framework is ever rising due to its ease of use, the extensive class libraries available in the .NET Framework, and the ubiquity of the Microsoft Windows operating system, to name a few advantages. TCP/IP Sockets in C# focuses on the Sockets API, the de facto standard for writing network applications in any programming language. Starting with simple client and server programs that use TCP/IP (the Internet protocol suite), students and practitioners quickly learn the basics and move on to firsthand experience with advanced topics including non-blocking sockets, multiplexing, threads, asynchronous programming, and multicasting. Key network programming concepts such as framing, performance and deadlocks are illustrated through hands-on examples. Using a detailed yet clear, concise approach, this book includes numerous code examples and focused discussions to provide a solid understanding of programming TCP/IP sockets in C#.Features* Tutorial-based instruction in key sockets programming techniques complemented by numerous code examples throughout* Discussion moves quickly into the C# Sockets API definition and code examples, desirable for those who want to get up-to-speed quickly* Important coverage of �under the hood� details that developers will find useful when creating and using a socket or a higher level TCP class that utilizes sockets* Includes end-of-chapter exercises to facilitate learning, as well as sample code available for download at the books companion web site.


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AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access: Radius, Diameter, EAP, PKI and IP Mobility

AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access: Radius, Diameter, EAP, PKI and IP Mobility Wiley (October 28, 2005) ISBN-10: 0470011947 318 pages RARed PDF 3.72 MB RS.comAAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) describes a framework for intelligently controlling access to network resources, enforcing policies, and providing the information necessary to bill for services. AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access is an invaluable guide to the AAA concepts and framework, including its protocols Diameter and Radius. The authors give an overview of established and emerging standards for the provision of secure network access for mobile users while providing the basic design concepts and motivations.

AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access: Covers trust, i.e., authentication and security key management for fixed and mobile users, and various approaches to trust establishment. Discusses public key infrastructures and provides practical tips on certificates management. Introduces Diameter, a state-of-the-art AAA protocol designed to meet today’s reliability, security and robustness requirements, and examines Diameter-Mobile IP interactions. Explains RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Services) and its latest extensions. Details EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) in-depth, giving a protocol overview, and covering EAP-XXX authentication methods as well as use of EAP in 802 networks. Describes IP mobility protocols including IP level mobility management, its security and optimizations, and latest IETF seamless mobility protocols. Includes a chapter describing the details of Mobile IP and AAA interaction, illustrating Diameter Mobile IP applications and the process used in CDMA2000. Contains a section on security and AAA issues to support roaming, discussing a variety of options for operator co-existence, including an overview of Liberty Alliance. This text will provide researchers in academia and industry, network security engineers, managers, developers and planners, as well as graduate students, with an accessible

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